Your stable passive income with minimal investment and risks. Our company provides "Masternode Startup" service and also offers Masternode service administration.

"Masternode Startup" fee is $100. Masternode administration service fee is 20% of the revenue accured by the network.

What is it?

Masternode is a node in the network of ZEN Cash coins, which is the key link in the network through which transactions pass - money transfers between the owners of wallets. Typically, such a server is located on a Unix-system on a fast remote server with fast data channels, guaranteed uninterrupted work, multiprocessor architecture and a large amount of data storage. Masternode contains the entire current blockchain of the network, which is constantly synchronized with the rest of the network members.

What role?

For the blockchain, the role of Masternode is multifaceted, the main thing is to mediate in the transaction in order to hide the recipient's address. The sender's payment is first sent to the Masternode, and from the Masternode address it arrives to the address of the recipient. Thus, the transaction is completely written to the blockchain, if possible, to hide the address of the sender from the recipient. The processing of each transaction to the Masternode address is charged part of the commission for the transaction.

How it works?

To run Masternode, you need to purchase a Unix server and configure the appropriate software for continuous, uninterrupted work. The guarantee of Masternode's activity in the network is 42 ZEN coins stored in your wallet under your control without the right to manage them by anyone else except you. The Masternode server software interrogates the balance of your wallet and, if there is a required amount, Masternode works. You also need to administer and periodically make changes and update the software on a UNIX server so that Masternode does the necessary network tasks.